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Villa Beatriz Lodge - Vilcabamba | Loja, Ecuador

 A Symphony of Natural Wellness Villa Beatriz is an eco-luxury hotel that showcases the best sacred valley, where the people live over 100 years old

The upscale Ecuadorian Lodge is located just 60 minutes away from the Camilo Ponce Enriquez Airport (LOH), embedded in the warm highlands of the mandango's mountain

It features a Suite and Private Rooms, on a four acre natural reserve ideal for hiking, horseback riding, experiencing authentic culture or simply relaxing and absorbing the setting.  The lodge is ideal for family vacations, wellness getaways and perfect for events from 2-100 people

A private space, surrounded beautiful landscapes, far enough from the town to enjoy the healthiest place. Every room has different design to create unique spaces, for unique experiences with every detail makes you feel in your home sitting in the middle of Andes Mountains

Vilcabamba is one of the world healthiest places. Maybe it’s the pollution-free environment or the highly oxygenated air. It could be the unique combination of minerals in the water or the abundance of negative ions emanating from the mountains and fast flowing rivers. Easy access to natural medicines, largely unavailable in developed countries

You are Welcome to this place!